MOX turns 20!

To celebrate this event, a one-day scientific event, MOX20, will take place at the Politecnico di Milano on May 27th, 2022.

Since 2002, MOX promotes research in the field of mathematical modeling, data science, and scientific computing in Science and Engineering.

During the event, some recent success stories of collaboration between MOX and its scientific and industrial partners will be presented, with a preview of future scientific challenges. The event will feature in particular the participation of Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (IHES-France and former ERC President), Prof. Jan Hesthaven (Vice President at EPFL-Switzerland), Prof. Victor Panaretos (EPFL-Switzerland) and Prof. Antonio F. Corno (University of Texas Health-USA).

For more information, visit the webpage (

The event will be held in person and will be streamed for those who wish to follow it online mode.Participation is very welcome and free of charge. However, for organizational reasons registration is mandatory.

Please fill in the form  ( by 18 May 2022.

With best regards,
The MOX20 Organizing Committee

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