Seminar - "Rheometry and Modeling of Complex Fluids"

Dear All, 

Dott. Giulio Giusteri, from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, will hold a seminar entitled "Rheometry and Modeling of Complex Fluids" on Tuesday 21st November ( 17:00, Sala Seminari III floor).

Please, find an abstract below.


The class of complex fluids comprises essentially all the fluids with a behavior more complicated than that of water. Examples include polymer melts, gels, paint, clay, asphalt, shampoo, ketchup, biological fluids, etc., namely materials encountered in daily activities as well as in many engineering applications. The peculiar features of such fluids originate, in a nontrivial way, from their microstructure.

Predicting the behavior of such fluids in domains with a generic geometry is a formidable challenge. Indeed, standardized rheological measurements are mostly confined to simple shear flows and purely extensional flows, but neither flow type can faithfully represent all the conditions encountered in real flows. It is necessary to develop a coherent framework for the interpretation of computational data obtained under rarely-explored conditions.

I will discuss recent results and research directions highlighting in particular the role of microstructural transitions. In doing this, I will introduce a newly developed rheometric scheme. Such a theoretical framework generalizes the standard viscometric framework used for the past six decades as the basis for steady-state rheometry and offers a firm ground for the interpretation of measurements in non-viscometric flows.

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