Seminar - "A variational approach to the Mean Field Planning Problem"

Dear All, 

Dott. Carlo Orrieri, from Università di Roma La Sapienza, will hold a seminar entitled "A variational approach to the Mean Field Planning Problem" on Tuesday 21st November (15:15, Sala Seminari III floor).

Please, find an abstract below.


In the talk we deal with the so-called mean field planning problem: a coupled system of two PDEs, a forward continuity equation and a backward Hamilton-Jacobi equation. This problem has been introduced by P-L. Lions in a series of lectures held at Collège de France and can be viewed as a modification of the mean field games system as well as a generalization of the optimal transportation problem in its dynamic formulation à la Benamou-Brenier. We concentrate on the variational structure of the problem, from which a notion of \"weak variational\" solution can be given. In particular, we provide a well-posedness result for the system on the whole space in a $L^p$ framework under general assumptions on the coupling term.
The talk is based on a joint work with G. Savaré and A. Porretta.


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